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Stephen S Brand

My Real Estate Expertise

Over 30 years practicing Real Estate Law in Sacramento California and a licensed Real Estate Broker since 1983.

I am happy to discuss your legal issues confidentially, setup a free consultation with me. As a licensed real estate broker and years of real estate law experience, I believe that I can guide you through your legal issues.

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Client’s Reviews

Attorney Stephen Brand has been extremely instrumental in helping me with a property boundary and nuisance issue I have had with my neighbor for over a year now. The neighbor has been extremely defiant in accepting any responsibly with either issues, so I sought the help from a Real Estate Attorney. After his intervention, the neighbor has become compliant and I couldn’t be happier. the nuisances have resolved, my fence is up, and i have reclaimed over 600 sq ft of my land that the neighbor was trying to take from me. If you need help with one of your neighbors, or any legal real estate issues, I highly recommend Mr. Brand

Joel Gilmore

Stephen Brand is highly responsive, time tested for experience, and a pleasure to deal with. He has helped me on a boundary line issue and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. All in all, Stephen is a stand up guy and I highly recommend him for your real estate issues when they fall in his specialty.

Graham Reid

Recently I needed the review of real estate transaction which was highly questionable. Indeed is was. Mr. Brand has been tenacious in pursuing a matter on my family’s behalf. Excellent to the point approach.

Faith Rothlisberger

Mr. Brand was relentless in his pursuit of rectifying a complicated issue with the title for my deceased parents house and property. The issue was that my parents unknowingly owned 2/3’s of the property that they assumed they owned outright. Once discovered, Mr. Brand was able to negotiate a settlement with the party that owned the other 1/3. His experience, demeanor, and an excellent staff proved to be invaluable for me. I highly recommend him and the service he is capable of delivering.

Diane Myers

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