Residential Consultations

Residential Consultations

In addition to helping people buy and sell real estate in California I also assist in residential real estate consultations. This is ideal for tenant/landlord conflicts, title search discrepancies, HOA covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs), discrimination consultations, wrongful eviction, or safety and habitability issues for rental properties. Although these are the most common consultations we are not limited to these topics.

I do provide no-cost consultations at your discretion. We can discuss your legal issues confidentially and is a licensed real estate broker as well as years in real estate law experience, I can help guide you through legal issues quickly and aggressively.

Set up a free consultation for items pertaining to residential real estate such as:

    • Validity of a will
    • Terms of a will
    • Competence
    • Interstate successions
    • Probate
    • Inheritance claims
    • Tenant/landlord issues
    • Estate planning
    • Insurance law
    • Tax law
    • Foreclosure and short sale information
    • Escrow
    • Discrimination issues
    • Security deposit issues
    • Habitability issues
    • Rental property issues
    • Landlord harassment
    • Injury or health issues

Contact my office today to schedule your free consultation on any residential real estate, landlord, probate, or tax questions and concerns.

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