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Not only am I a probate and real estate attorney but I am a licensed real estate broker in the state of California. Because of my connections in both real estate law, probate, and agency law, I can guide you through your legal issues quickly and aggressively shorten the time to develop your estate plan. I can help you list, market, advertise, sell and close any residential real estate property regardless of whether it is probate or not.

The difference between a real estate agent and real estate lawyer
It honestly depends on who you talk to first. Lawyers and real estate agents are definitely two different industries and each will tell you to hire their own industry first, however, it also depends on the type of real estate purchase or sale and the issues surrounding a residential real estate transaction. A real estate lawyer can actually provide both services however, very few lawyers professionally sell real estate.

Brokerage Listing Agent in Sacramento

Real estate agents are also very limited on what they can advise a client on legally. And real estate clients can’t differentiate between a legal question and a real estate question on average. If it pertains real estate, buyers and sellers don’t see it as a legal question, but agents are extremely limited and careful as to how they approach answering certain legal and real estate related questions.

On the other hand, a real estate attorney that also is a licensed agent can answer all questions legally and ethically. While a real estate agent can be used for real estate advice only, a lawyer can be used for real estate legal advice, however, the lawyer can do both. Is it more beneficial to use a lawyer that acts as both an agent and a lawyer? While there’s no conflict of interest in the situation it’s really up to you and the situation as to whether or not you’re going to use a real estate attorney or a licensed real estate agent separate from an attorney.

As always, I offer free consultations on both so if you have questions that you need to know whether or not a real estate attorney is your better option or simply a licensed agent, feel free to give me a call at any time.

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